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My honest stitch fix review

Hey everyone! I recently tried out a subscription box service called Stitch Fix. Unfortunately I was not the biggest fan, and today I am sharing why it didn’t work for me, and why it may or may not work for you.  It’s also important to note that I tried this service out twice, just to make sure I wasn’t a fan and guess what? Still not a fan.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a styling service for men and woman that is tailored to the individuals needs, preferences, and lifestyle. A box of 5 items is handpicked and delivered at a schedule of user’s choosing. Users pay for the items they would like to keep and return the unwanted items free of charge.

How does Stitch Fix work?

  1. Build a style profile: Here you’ll answer questions regarding your style, size, and price preferences.
  2. Request a Fix: You set a date for receiving your fix
  3. Keep what you want & return what you don’t: You have three days to figure out what you want to keep and return what you don’t want. You also have the option to extend the amount of time you can keep items. P.S. Shipping is 100% free!
  4. Fill out a survey: Here you explain why item’s worked for you or why they didn’t. This way, your stylist will know how to make your next fix even better.

My Experience

The Stitch Fix website is very user friendly and easy to follow. I really enjoyed building my style profile and I believed that all the questions were appropriate in helping to find the perfecting items in terms of fit, style, comfort level with certain pieces, and price preferences. I appreciated the ability to add an inspiration Pinterest board and an inspiration Instagram Account as well.

I was really excited when I received my first Fix. I expected to find unique pieces to add to my wardrobe, but instead I received items that I felt were basics, and that I could’ve easily bought for myself. The items themselves were nicely made and I liked 3/5 of them, but they weren’t anything that I needed in my wardrobe. I returned all the items and filled out all the details as to why I was unhappy with each individual item. I hoped that this would make my next box better.

When my second Fix arrived I was a little weary, but I was still hopeful. Again, it wasn’t that I didn’t like my second Fix, except one item #cringeworthy, I just felt that there was nothing I needed or wanted from the box. I originally planned on doing two reviews of Stitch Fix, one for each Fix, but when I saw my second Fix, I didn’t even bother taking photos of it because I knew my opinion had not changed since the first box.

Deciding not to give Stitch Fix another try was a combination of receiving items that were not my style, items that did not match my style profile, and prices that I believed to be too high. If I received the exact same items, but at the price points I listed on my profile, I would definitely have kept a few of the items. It really comes down to feeling like I did not receive anything special. With that said, I do believe that this could 100% work for others, more on that below!


My honest stitch fix review

My Ratings

  • Personalized Recommendations- 1/5

    • Stitch Fix is meant to be a personalized styling service, but unfortunately, their recommendations missed the mark for me. I requested a pair of patterned pants, which I did receive (shown below) but it was not in my price range. Other than those pants though, I did not feel that the items I received matched my style profile, or color palette of choice. It’s not that I didn’t like the products, because I did like most of them, it’s that I didn’t receive what I wanted. I have heard, and it definitely makes sense, that your stylist will get closer and closer to your style with every fix you receive.
  • Quality & Fit- 4/5

    • The quality of the products was great. The sweater was comfortable, the cardigan I received was actually really cozy, and the pants had a great fit. Overall, all of the items fit me very well. I have no complaints with the quality or fit of the items. Whether I believed that the products were worth the price is a different story though.
  • Price- 2/5

    • The real issue that I had with pricing was that I honestly felt like I would have been able to find almost identical pieces for half the price. I will also mention that almost every single product I received was way over, if not almost twice the price that I listed in my profile. Why give the option to select prices for each category (tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.) if it was going to be completely disregarded?
  • Customer Service- 5/5

    • I have to say, Stitch Fix has amazing customer service! After I received my first fix, and was unhappy with it, I decided to contact Stitch Fix (your girl was not trying to lose her $20 credit.) The customer service rep, Tierney, was amazing. She answered all of my questions, credited me back my $20, and made some notes in my account so that my stylist would be aware of why my first fix didn’t work out for me and how they could make my next fix better.

My honest stitch fix review

Is Stitch Fix Right for you?

I personally didn’t have the best experience with Stitch Fix, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend it. I don’t think Stitch Fix worked out for me because I do not believe that I am actually in their target market. I love to shop, I love a good deal, and I pretty much know what I want. I believe that Stitch Fix could definitely work out well for someone who is the opposite of me. If you don’t like to shop for yourself, you aren’t price sensitive, and you need help achieving a look that you want, then you should give Stitch Fix a try.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try, and have your first $20 styling fee waived for 30 days, you can use my referral link here. This way you can try Stitch Fix risk free and if you don’t like your items, you won’t lose any money! Full disclosure, by using my referral link, I’ll receive a $25 credit towards more Fix’s, which basically means I’ll keep doing reviews on Stitch Fix. If you don’t want to use my referral link, you can go straight to the website and sign up here.


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